The Data That Proves the Need for a Relationship Marketing Strategy

Learn what consumers expect in 2023 and how to deliver the ultimate experience in this webinar with eMarketer

Companies that treat customers like individuals build brand loyalty. But if you aren’t personalizing your messages, you run the risk of harming customer relationships.

Nearly half (49%) of consumers say they get frustrated when brands send pointless content offers that aren’t actually personalized, according to Marigold’s “2023 Consumer Trends Index.”

Explore the factors that influence loyalty and drive purchase decisions based on survey responses from over 10,000 consumers worldwide. In this on-demand session in conjunction with eMarketer you’ll learn how:

  • Acquisition, engagement, retention, and loyalty can work together in relationship marketing
  • To meet customers effectively in real time, no matter which channel they prefer
  • Plus! An exclusive breakdown of consumer attitude stats on pricing, email, display ads, and more