Challenging the Loyalty Paradigm: With Industry Veteran Mike Ribero

This exclusive interview and event is for anyone who wants to be customer-obsessed and learn why customer engagement, before, during, and after a purchase, is actually the new “loyalty” strategy moving forward. Whether you’re a CMO, Chief Customer Officer, or tasked with building and executing any part of your brand’s customer engagement strategy, we promise you’ll pick up a thing or two from loyalty legend, Mike Ribero.

Mike has over 35 years of experience building out customer engagement strategies across airlines, hospitality, and even created the wildly popular Hilton Honors program, one of the most successful customer engagement stories to date. He was instrumental in the Starwood Preferred Guest Program, now a part of Marriott Bonvoy, and was involved in Best Buy’s rewards program, E*TRADE’s first loyalty program, and similar initiatives in the insurance, retail, and DTC sectors.

Mike is currently the CEO of REACH and will share his vision for what customer engagement really needs to be successful today and in the future, all based on his amazing experience helping shape some of the most successful programs ever launched. Bring your questions to this exclusive event.

“It comes down to a very simple question that we asked brands, and that is, why would you build a platform and a strategy around simply incentivizing and rewarding purchases when there’s so much more a consumer can do today that can add value to your brand?”



Michael Ribero
Chief Executive Officer at REACH


Richard Jones
CMO, Cheetah Digital