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Zero-Party Data: The What, Why and How to Use it Effectively

Zero-party data is the rocket fuel for any organization’s personalization efforts and relationship marketing strategies must have a strong zero-party data acquisition and activation element if they want to succeed.

In this session we will explore Marigold’s Experiences platform which has been identified by global analysts to be one of the most secure and scalable zero-party data tools available to brands.

Learn the what, why, how and where to activate your audiences via a value exchange by implementing surveys, sweepstakes and other digital engagements to gather critical psychographic information to deliver personalization across all of your marketing channels.

See how brands of all sizes and industries are executing effectively and driving revenue from their efforts.


  • See how brands such as Pepsi, American Airlines and Colgate are activating Experiences
  • Learn which types of zero-party data are most effective for differentiated personalization campaigns
  • Understand the core principles of a value exchange and why this is critical for your audience