The RFP Guide for The European Enterprise

Choosing the right marketing platform, one which can supplement your email strategy as well as strengthen your reach to customers from other channels, is an inevitable task. Unfortunately, in a world where millions of companies are vying for customer attention, presenting similar but slightly different solutions to challenges that sound universal but aren’t, marketers can feel rightly frustrated with what is on offer.

This guide will bridge these widening gaps by furnishing marketers with the knowledge and tools to identify, implement, and make the best use of the marketing technology that is available. Just as importantly, though, we will outline the strategy to underpin how marketers can implement relationship marketing strategies that deliver better customer experiences across the entire lifecycle.

  • The comprehensive project timeline for choosing a marketing platform
  • How to deliver relationship marketing strategies from acquisition through to loyalty
  • The data on the most effective channels for reaching consumers and driving sales
  • Common RFP mistakes