Unlocking Direct-To-Consumer Relationships In CPG

CPG brands don’t know their customers. Or rather, they might know who their customers are, but the brand doesn’t have any supporting details.

The modern CPG brand is awash with data, but it’s fragmented from all manner of sources and housed in disparate silos. Their products touch consumers’ lives every day, but the customer’s relationship is often with the third-party retailer, not the brand. They have millions of loyal customers, they just don’t have a scalable way of communicating and connecting with them.

In this ebook you will learn how to:

  • Get to grips with data and create a single customer view
  • Deliver interactive experiences that collect the opt-ins and preferences to power truly personalized marketing
  • Engage with customers on every digital channel and deploy contextually relevant offers at scale
  • Own the customer journey and increase lifetime value