The Top RFP Questions to Ask Your Martech Vendor

The buying process for any technology can be long and arduous, especially in the martech world. You may not know where to even begin. That’s why we’re bringing you The Top RFP Questions to Ask Your Martech Vendor to help guide you through the process. In this guide, you’ll see six key focus areas:

  • Data: The lifeblood of any marketing program
  • Acquisition & Enrichment: First- and zero-party data
  • Customer Engagement: Across all channels and touchpoints
  • Next-Gen Personalization: Orchestrate real-time experiences
  • Retention: Creating emotional loyalty through a value exchange
  • Strategy: Focus on people, process, and technology

You’ll also get access to your very own RFP template, which includes space for key questions to ask during your martech vendor selection. Don’t start your RFP process without this helpful guide — download it today.