The Complete Guide to Zero-Party Data in 2023

Consumer trust is hard to earn and easy to lose. As Google edges closer to ceasing third-party cookie tracking, Apple introduces a raft of privacy controls and consumers become ever-more proactive about protecting their data, marketers need a new way of connecting with consumers online.

Not a way that seeks to circumvent privacy regulations or surreptitiously gather data, but a strategy rooted in relationship marketing. A philosophy steeped in growing long term relationships directly with consumers while understanding their true wants and needs to better deliver personalized products and services. To realize this, brands need to be powering personalization with the right class of data — zero-party data.

It is possible for marketers to know what their customers intend to do or buy in the future by collecting data that is intentionally and proactively shared directly by the consumer. This is called zero-party data – marketers collect this data by connecting directly with consumers and asking them their wants and desires.

This paper will show rather than merely tell, with successful stories from leading brands who are leveraging interactive experiences and next-gen loyalty programs to learn more about their customers and deliver better personalization across the entire customer lifecycle.

  • Learn how to engage consumers that aren’t yet your customers and build meaningful relationships with them using zero-party data
  • 70% of consumers will share their behavioral and psychographic data in return for a better service – learn the mechanics and value exchanges to elicit it
  • Discover how by going all-in on zero-party data and owning their database, one client reduced annual marketing spend by $1.2 million
  • Learn how zero-party data is the rocket-fuel for personalized messaging and loyalty rewards