Marigold Engage Plus

Analyst and CMO Insights on B2C Marketing Predictions and Priorities for 2024

According to Forrester Research, 57% of US B2C marketing decision-makers said they planned to increase their marketing investment in relationship/loyalty marketing in 2023.

But how? 

As CMOs continue to double down on strategies to build deeper relationships spanning the entire customer acquisition lifecycle, it’s important to understand the new and emerging trends impacting marketing and loyalty budgets. 

Watch the on-demand webinar with Emily Collins, VP, Research Director at Forrester and Wendy Werve, CMO at Marigold to:

  • Where B2C marketing executives are allocating their budgets, and the motivating forces behind them
  • Which investments you should scrutinize and consider reducing 
  • Emerging trends and priorities impacting B2C marketers today 
  • How messaging and loyalty play a big role in the customer acquisition lifestyle