The 5 Steps to Building Stronger Customer Messaging

Relationship Marketing is — as the name says — all about building relationships.

And one of the best channels to build that relationship on is one that you own. While it’s one of the oldest tools in the box, email is still as effective as ever, especially in a marketing landscape where privacy regulations and compliance are transforming right before our eyes.

But building that relationship, even with a great channel like email, is easier said than done. Consumer preferences are always changing — from where and whom they like to buy from to which channel they want to communicate on and the content that will strike a chord with them. Staying with customers throughout that journey requires diligence on the part of marketers and technology that can keep up.

In this guide, we’ll cover the five steps that can take you throughout the entire customer lifecycle and can help transform your customer relationships. You’ll learn about:

1. Acquiring the new customer

2. Triggering the first purchase

3. Inspiring a second purchase

4. Engendering loyalty and encouraging retention

5. Winning back lost customers